HyperLow CG 6in BNF

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HyperLow Freestyle Set-up


Build consists of:

- 6in Hyperlow CG Frame with GoPro couch and custom printed hardwear.

- Brother Hobby 2306 R6 2450kv motors

- Runcam micro swift 3 with 12mm lense 2.1

- Team Black sheep unify race HV SMA

- Emaxx Pagoda LHCP 

- Frsky XM plus receiver

- Flight One Revolt OSD 

- Flight One Bolt 32 with 1000uf 25v cap

- Tiny LEDs (green)

- HQ props 5.1x4.1x3 (green)


This Quad was build and tested by Lyon Goods and we stand behind our work. We can say that it will work on delivery. This is a 4s setup but can be easily converted into a 6s down the road by just adding new motors that suit your liking. You will need to use Flight One configurator to setup items to your preference but it is well tuned.


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